Lasting business solutions from a value chain perspective

    Valued Chain is an independent consultancy initiated and owned by Sanne Steemers. We support organizations in understanding their value chain and stakeholders, identification and mitigation of risks, and realization of opportunities. We believe in integrating commercial objectives with sustainability of the business and its stakeholders. Working from Amsterdam and Lagos, we connect Europe and Africa.
    Our approach

    Our approach

    We develop realistic strategies. We combine our network, expertise and information with your aims and experience to develop a solution that works for you. We value:

    Finding lasting solutions
    Keeping the bigger picture in mind
    Building teams and partnerships
    Being committed and involved
    Efficient execution


    Sanne Steemers is a management consultant with a business background. Valued Chain works within a network of freelance consultants that can provide specific sector or country expertise.
    Sanne Steemers
    Sanne Steemers
    independent consultant

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